The Team

We are a team of scientists dedicated to sharing our love of science with the New Zealand public in a family-friendly, fun environment.

Ashleigh Fox

Ashleigh is the technical lead for the project and has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biological Sciences. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Science majoring in genetics and microbiology and a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science. Ashleigh has worked in analytical laboratories for ten years, including a number of years as a Forensic Technician at ESR and currently manages a laboratory at the University of Auckland. Ashleigh brings technical expertise to the project ensuring that the material presented and taught is scientifically robust and accurate. She attended the International FEAST training course in Amsterdam in 2013, and signed the Mechelen Declaration along with hundreds of science communicators at the last Science Centres World Forum. Ashleigh has been a Futureintech Ambassador for a number of years and given many talks and presentation to school students. Ashleigh runs the workshops and manages the team of helpers, and is responsible for the scientific integrity of the workshop and materials produced.

Brent Martin

Brent is an applied chemist working for Defense Technology Agency he has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Environmental Science. Brent has been a Futureintech Ambassador for over seven years with extensive experience in presenting to school age students. His role is to assist students and parents in completing the workshop activities successfully.

Dr Nikola Osborne


Niki's background in psychology, survey design, and data analysis means she is able to measure how successful the project is, and identify areas for improvement. Niki has a PhD in psychology and, when she's not helping out on the project, she applies psychological science in order to understand how forensic scientists make decisions about forensic evidence.

Futureintech Ambassadors previously involved:

Peter Williams – Environmental Scientist - Auckland Council

Megan Wakefield – Environmental Engineer – Golder Associates

Myrtle Videna - Quality and Health & Safety Manager  – iMake

Joyana Meyer – Mechanical Engineer – BCS

Jacqui McCord – Geotechnical Engineer – KGA Geotechnical Limited

Peter Freeman – Mechanical Engineer – Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group

Liam Doar - Electrical Engineer - ANZ Resources & Power, Jacobs

Oliver Broughton – Power and Energy Scientist – Defence Technology Agency

Persis George – Quality Analyst – Chelsea NZ Sugar


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